Solar Panel Bird Proofing Glasgow

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Glasgow

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Glasgow, Over the last few years we have noticed an increase in pigeons and other types of birds nesting under solar panels.


This has resulted in many problems for homeowners such as:

  1. The birds keeping them up all night
  2. Fouling on the solar panels decreasing there power output
  3. Potential damage to the solar panels with wiring being disturbed beneath the panels.
  4. Increased insect activity with insects invading your home such bird mites and flies leading to unsanitary living conditions
  5. Your gutters becoming blocked due to bird droppings building up in them and your roof getting covered in droppings.

The longer people wait to deal with this problem the more of an issue this becomes. Birds do not leave comfortable shelter easily.

The solution to this problem involved fitting weldmesh around the entire solar panel array. This is a tried and tested method which works and gives you minimal long term issues.

Completed Jobs (You might struggle to see the weldmesh as its very hard to notice from the ground)

Solar Panel in Darnley

Solar panel in Cambuslang

Solar Panel in Rutherglen (complete with unhappy bird!)

A point to keep in mind is that most solar panel installation companies will void your warranty if you drill, screw or glue anything onto your panels so in order to fit the mesh you need to use mechanical fixings which can be undone without damaging the panels.

Our method of fixing weld mesh uses several different types of clips and fixings which do not invalidate your warranty and are strong, secure and long lasting.

All work is guaranteed in writing and we have never -to date- had a single callback due to defects in our workmanship.

We are the leading company in Glasgow & Scotland for this type of bird proofing service and have completed every job, to each and every customers satisfaction, honestly, effectively and affordably.

Bird proofing solar panels is dangerous work as not only do you have to worry about working on a pitched roof you also need to worry about removing the pigeons from beneath the panels, electric shocks (yes you can get electric shocks from the panels) and hazardous bird fouling.

One more thing the mesh once fitted does not look ugly its barely visible from the ground and we are experts in all bird proofing/management so we know how to make an installation look good and discrete.

We can also clear the gutters when we are on site and give your solar panels a clean using industry standard technology.

We are probably the cheapest professional company in Glasgow and Scotland for guaranteed solar panel bird proofing.

You get a free site survey when you enquire so I can give you the best possible price for me and my team to bird proof your solar panels with no pushy sales tactics-promise.