About Us

Right solar care is based in Glasgow. We have for many years been providing pest control and environmental solutions to residential and commercial clients big and small.

Solar panel bird proofing is a relatively new niche industry. If you had said to our bird proofing experts when we first started that pigeons getting under solar panels was an issue for many homeowners we would have been sceptical but now we are probably one of the busiest companies doing this sort of work in Scotland if not the UK.

So far (touch wood) we have never had a call back to any of our jobs once we have done them.

Our staff have plenty of bird management and roofing experience and can without a doubt solve any problems you have with birds and solar panels. This is a very dangerous job and in our personal opinion not one that should be DIY’ed. We don’t say this just to part you with your money we really mean it. Slipping on bird poo and taking a dive into slabs down below or getting a shock off your panels is not something to scoff at.

We aim to also be realistic when pricing jobs. We understand this is usually an unforeseen expense but also an important one which you need to do to protect your health and investment.

We can beat many of our competitors on cost without compromising on quality.

Give us a call to get advice and a customised quote. We promise we’ll do our best to help you resolve any issues you may have.


Professional Solutions

We alway use high quality materials and fixtures and fittings to ensure solar panels are completely sealed off to birds and that they will stay that way.

High Customer Satisfaction

The overwhelming majority of our customers are extremely happy with the solutions we install on their roofs and we rarely have any issues with competed jobs.

Highly Trained Staff

All our staff are highly trained in bird control and working at heights and can work safely and effectively in almost all scenarios.